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Percy Andrew Lloyd Harden

“Him and I were standing in the trench together pointing at some Germans...one of them shot at us and caught Percy through the head.”

Crooks Family

“He always had a smile and laugh for there was sunshine in his heart.” Crooks died at age twenty-six at the Somme.

Samuel Scott

Sadly, Scott was killed in action on September 5, 1916. His body was never recovered, and his name is etched into the Vimy Monument in France.

William Hebenton

He served as a gunner with the 15th Brigade, 62nd Battery of the Canadian Field Artillery and spent most of the war in action near Arras and Lens.

John Sammiel Hall

He died as his battalion was attacking Hallu in the Llandovery Castle operation at the start of the Hundred Days Offensive.

Aime Panneton

His favourite niece, Mildred Irene Clark, was devastated when he was killed in action June 3, 1916 in Belgium.

Frederick “Fred” Ambo

He fought at Vimy Ridge, where he was hit with shrapnel on April 12, 1917 and died of his wounds on April 30 at age 27.

James Cleland Richardson

For some ten minutes, fully exposed, he “strode up and down outside the wire, playing his pipes with the greatest coolness.”

Ellis Wellwood Sifton

Sifton’s experiences in the trenches mirrored those of thousands of other young Canadians.

Samuel Lewis Honey

After repulsing four counter-attacks he went out alone after dark, located a German post, and took a party to capture it.

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