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Dewart Keir

“He had just started a job in Toronto and was engaged to be married when he was conscripted.”

Beaton and Cahill Brothers

Four working class boys from Nova Scotia all signed up to fight.

Angus and Ervin McDonald

They went to Kamloops to enlist in the Army but were rejected due to the beef from their cattle being required for the war effort.

Herbert Harris

Harris was just shy of his 20th birthday when he was killed.

George Chapman Stevens

"If you truly are ready to go to war then go outside and run around the block and age a year each time you do so.” That’s exactly what he did.

Arthur Robinson

Arthur died of influenza and pneumonia December 18, 1918, at Eteppes, France, just over a month after the Armistice

James Laidlaw

James Laidlaw enlisted on May 11, 1916 from London, Ontario and served as a sergeant with the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

Brothers Angus, Oswin, and John MacDonald

Before he went overseas, John MacDonald went to the top of a hill and glanced down. His mother thought, “His final look at his hometown.” And it was.

Alexander Murray

She was left for three years to lament over the minutes leading up to the deaths of her sons.

Archibald John Harrison

“If anyone had an excuse to remain at home he had.”

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