Brothers Angus, Oswin, and John MacDonald

Before he went overseas, John MacDonald went to the top of a hill and glanced down. His mother thought, “His final look at his hometown.” And it was.

Angus Lewis MacDonald was a Major with the 185th Battalion and 25th Battalion, 2nd Division, Canadian Infantry. He served in France from February 26th 1918 to November 7th, 1918 when at Elouges, he was wounded in the neck by a sniper’s bullet. It entered below his neck and came out in his lower back. He was invalided back to England for further treatment and he remained in hospital from November 13th, 1918, to January 20th, 1919. After convalescing for six months, he returned to Canada on June 28th, 1919. Angus studied law at Dalhousie following the war, and was elected premier of Nova Scotia in 1933. In 1940, Prime Minister Mackenzie King called him to Ottawa where Angus became Minister for the Navy until 1945. Angus then became premier of Nova Scotia until his death in 1954.

Oswin Macdonald, known as Sweenie, practiced law as a Barrister and Solicitor in Antigonish. He was in the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

John Colin MacDonald was employed by the The Port Hood Greetings newspaper. His niece remembers being told that, prior to his departure for overseas, John went up Convent Street behind his house to the top of the hill to glance over Port Hood — a scene he had enjoyed countless times. His own mother, who observed his short journey, thought to herself, “His final look at his hometown.” And it was. He was killed overseas in the Battle of Arras. John served with the 185th Cape Breton Highlanders.

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