Beaton and Cahill Brothers

Four working class boys from Nova Scotia all signed up to fight.

Four working class boys from Nova Scotia all signed up to fight in the war as privates.

Brothers Francis and Bernard Cahill from Springhill enlisted to fight in 1916. Daniel and Bernard Beaton from New Glasgow and Stellerton enlisted in 1918.

Francis Cahill was born February 8, 1889, and served with the Divisional Engineers, 11th Fld. Co. He died November 11, 1916. He has no known grave and his name is listed on the Canadian National "Vimy Ridge" Memorial. His brother Bernard was younger; he was born July 18th 1897 and served in the 23rd Battalion. After being honourably discharged from the Great War, years later he re-enlisted to serve in the Second World War. He was discharged May 25, 1946 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After that the family lost track of him and his location of burial is unknown.

Daniel Beaton was born on April 17, 1889, and fought with the 31st Canadian Infantry Battalion. His brother Bernard was born on August 2, 1891, and he joined the 1st Depot Battalion.

Many years later the Cahill and Beaton families were united through marriage.

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