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Edward Smith

Edward Smith was killed in action on September 5th, 1918, only 3 days after his brother Alexander.

Howard Fielder Pledge

He certainly lied about his age to enlist, because a family photo dated October 26, 1915 shows him in uniform with the 36th Overseas Battery.

Beaton and Cahill Brothers

Four working class boys from Nova Scotia all signed up to fight.

Angus and Ervin McDonald

They went to Kamloops to enlist in the Army but were rejected due to the beef from their cattle being required for the war effort.

Hedley Seldon Dimock

In August 1918 he was wounded after throwing himself on a German grenade to protect the rest of his unit.

Donald MacPherson

Father Donald MacPherson was the first priest of the Diocese of Antigonish in the Canadian Chaplain Service.

Mary Ellen Reynolds

Mary Ellen Reynolds of Port Hood, Nova Scotia, served as a nurse in the American Army.

John Harding

Harding was a British sailor who in September 1916 abandoned the British Navy to join the Canadian Army.

Brothers Angus, Oswin, and John MacDonald

Before he went overseas, John MacDonald went to the top of a hill and glanced down. His mother thought, “His final look at his hometown.” And it was.

John Henry McVittie

On December 6, while his ship was in port, the ships Mont-Blanc and Imo collided in the Halifax explosion.

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