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Stanley Thomas Sellick

He arrived at the Front on August 27, 1917, joining the 8th Battalion.

Gordon Basil McMahon

Sadly, Gordon Basil McMahon, a private of the 50th Battalion, was killed in action in France in 1917 at age nineteen.

Kenneth Ferguson

The next morning, they returned to find a giant crater exactly where they were to resume working.

William Roy Ferguson

He was only fourteen-years-old when he enlisted from Toronto and served as a despatch driver with his battalion in the 48th Highlanders.

Arnold Moses

“The Moses family had a large farm to run on the Six Nations reserve, and the absence of the three Moses brothers was a huge burden.”

Beaton and Cahill Brothers

Four working class boys from Nova Scotia all signed up to fight.

James W. Whillans

The person offering the drink—and likely, a few prayers—is Captain James W. Whillans, chaplain of the 8th Canadian Battalion, Winnipeg Rifles.

John Arthur Woolverton

In July 1918 his camp was bombed and the explosion threw him twenty feet away and knocked him unconscious.

Philip Ambrose McRae

On June 2, 1916 Philip Ambrose McRae was reported missing in action.

Arthur Frederick Boniface and his wife Rose Rands

“My mother said that he could never become reconciled to the changing roles of women in society following the war.”

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