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Herbert Gardiner

Despite many plane crashes, Herbert Gardiner survived the Great War.

William Alexander Munns

The engine of the Jenny shifted back breaking Munns' foot and ripping the skin off his back.

George Brockie Bannerman

As a stretcher-bearer, he certainly witnessed much human suffering. But it was the animals' pain that haunted him for years after the war.

Frederick Wood

Trooper Frederick Wood, of the 10th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles, was among the first wave of mounted troops to enter the Great War.

Courtney L. Tower

Tower enlisted with the 44th Overseas Battalion in May 1915.

William Langley

This bible has carried William’s memory, but not through his own relatives.

Herbert Harris

Harris was just shy of his 20th birthday when he was killed.

Hedley Seldon Dimock

In August 1918 he was wounded after throwing himself on a German grenade to protect the rest of his unit.

Walter Ernest Seaborn

His 210th Battalion crossed the Atlantic on the troop ship RMS Carpathia, famous for rescuing survivors of the RMS Titanic in 1912.

George Stewart

“The lower half of the humerus was all blown to pieces. On Sept 16, 1916 the right arm was amputated.”

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