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Findlater John Charles Crang

Among the troops was 29-year-old Findlater John Charles Crang, who, before the fighting was over, would become a hero to his brothers-in-arms.

John (Jack) Mitchell

The piece of metal which Jack used as a mirror, stopped a bullet that was destined for his heart.

Daniel Edmond Booth

Booth survived the war, but unfortunately was killed in an industrial accident in New York City on April 29, 1949.

Alexander Wright McSeveny

McSeveny served in the 58th Battalion and saw action in France.

James R. Watling

James Watling was one of five siblings who all served in the war.

Benjamin Chalmers Salter

Benjamin Chalmers Salter was a minister in the Maritimes before enlisting in 1914 from Nova Scotia.

William James Proctor, Sr.

He enlisted with the 119th Battalion at Massey, Ontario, on December 27, 1915, 12 days before his 22nd birthday.

Dennis Joseph Sampson

The sound of machine guns reminded him of “the rattle of mama's sewing machine.”

Gilbert Ryckman

Pte. Ryckman was shot in the thigh while fighting... but as horrible as it may have been to be wounded, he gained a wife and eight children from it.

Alexander Parnell

A crack shot, Parnell was active in the militia prior to the war, and mobilized for service with the 3rd Regiment Victoria Rifles on August 12, 1914.

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