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A Letter from Ypres

Writing from the trenches of World War I, a young Canadian private shares the terror of the first effective gas attack on the Western Front.

Hidden Messages and Code Words

This article reveals the hidden messages in Bill Alldritt’s letters home that facilitated his escapes from POW camps.

Archie Jenks

A dentistry student at McGill University, Jenks enlisted on February 18, 1915, at the age of 25.

John William Grant

John’s plane was once sabotaged while he was transporting a Russian high-ranking officer to another location.

Arnold Davidson

“Here, though, I don't think they have as good a way as the Canucks. It takes two Englishmen to plough where in Canada it only takes one Canadian.”

Daniel Edmond Booth

Booth survived the war, but unfortunately was killed in an industrial accident in New York City on April 29, 1949.

Dennis Joseph Sampson

The sound of machine guns reminded him of “the rattle of mama's sewing machine.”

Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith, also know as 'Sandy,' was killed in action in France September 2nd, 1918.

Gordon Basil McMahon

Sadly, Gordon Basil McMahon, a private of the 50th Battalion, was killed in action in France in 1917 at age nineteen.

George Dundas

“It appears George was bored,” says Dundas' great-great nephew, Kelly Dundas.

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