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Harry George James

The villagers believed he had liberated them!” Witzke added with a chuckle that “he never mentioned what punishment he received” for going AWOL.

Harold Eston Fowler

Harold stands in front of an armoured car as part of an armed escort for General Sir Arthur Currie.

George Chapman Stevens

"If you truly are ready to go to war then go outside and run around the block and age a year each time you do so.” That’s exactly what he did.

Abenezer "Aby" Evans

"He would hide under the bed nearly every time he heard a noise. He would think he was back on the battlefield."

Charles Edward Lennie

He volunteered to drive wounded veterans to their hospital appointments after being discharged.

Charlotte Edith Anderson Monture

In 1914, racism drove Charlotte Edith Anderson Monture to pursue her training as a nurse in the United States.

Claude Henry Rogers

"His energy and determination were splendid examples to the men working under him, and materially contributed to the success of our operations."

Guy Elton Dingle

When Guy was discharged he went to Toronto where he met and married Helen Doherty on July 19th 1922.

George Dudley

George Dudley joined up on September 29, 1915, declaring his age to be “17 years 10 months.” In truth, he was still a few months away from turning 15.

Gerald Hebert Ryan

Ryan was an emotional casualty of war. “His life never amounted to anything and [he] was never really a well man emotionally after the war.”

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