Charles Edward Lennie

He volunteered to drive wounded veterans to their hospital appointments after being discharged.

Charles Edward Lennie of Lindsay, Ontario enlisted on February 4, 1916, from Windsor, Ontario. He served with the 97th Battalion and as an ambulance driver and sergeant with the Army Medical Corps. In September 1917, he was discharged due to physical limitations caused by a foot injury he endured before the war and returned to Toronto. There, he volunteered to drive wounded veterans to their hospital appointments.

He died in 1942 while overseeing the receiving and shipping of military equipment that the Ford Motor Company had been supplying to the war effort. He left behind his wife, Isabella (née Laidlaw), and four children—Lewis Frederick, James Edgar, Jean, and Phillip Andrew.

His sons Lewis and James also served in the First World War; Lewis served as a private with the 3rd Canadian Ammunition Sub Park and was killed in action on July 14, 1916. James served as a sergeant with the 100th Battalion. He survived the war and moved to the U.S. Charles’s son Andrew wanted to enlist but was too young.

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