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The Yukon at War

The unquestioned zeal and commitment of Yukon men served to hasten the Territory’s decay — their departure strangled the Yukon economy.

The Curious Tale of Two Roy Browns

A case of mistaken identity dogged them throughout their flying careers—which one shot down the “Red Baron”?

Attridge Brothers

Wilbert Lloyd Attridge lied about his age so he could fly with the Royal Flying Corp.

Archie Jenks

A dentistry student at McGill University, Jenks enlisted on February 18, 1915, at the age of 25.

Fitzsimonds Brothers

Stephen Fitzsimmons was the fourth of five children, but was the first to join the army.

Harold Austin Boettger

Boettger was given the rank of “Honorary Second Lieutenant.”

Herbert Gardiner

Despite many plane crashes, Herbert Gardiner survived the Great War.

Harold Edwards

“...I am a prisoner at Karlsruhe. I was shot down after lengthy engagement with several enemy machines..."

John William Grant

John’s plane was once sabotaged while he was transporting a Russian high-ranking officer to another location.

Lyell Campbell Spence

On March 7th, 1918 he was awarded the Military Cross for "gallantry and devotion to duty as a forward observation officer (FOO) during an attack."

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