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Amiens (August 8 – August 12, 1918)

Now considered the "shock troops" of the allies, the Canadians deal a major blow to German dreams of victory in the war.

Fred Armstrong

He was shot in the leg while running across an open field and was sent to a hospital in England before he returned to Perth in 1919.

Laurence Edward Fry

On or about August 11th during heavy fighting at the village of Hallu, Laurie was mortally wounded.

John Oliver

In Arras, his unit was in the houses on one side of the street and the German soldiers were on the other side.

Dennis Colburn Draper

“He was a man who went among his men on the days when ill winds blew.”

George Finlay Munro

When the call to arms sounded, two brothers from Edinburgh, Scotland answered the challenge.

Richard William Mercer

“His children and grandchildren are only alive today because of this small miracle of this cigarette case.”

Hugh Cairns

“Hughie said he’d get fifty Germans for that” and added, “I don’t think he ever planned to come back after Abbie got killed.”

Seaton Graham

His letters reveal the strain the war had on some couples.

Henry Norwest

Norwest became the greatest sniper among the Canadian troops at the front, and possibly the best in the British forces.

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