Seaton Graham

His letters reveal the strain the war had on some couples.

Seaton Graham was a lead gunner with the 31st Battalion during the war. He kept up a busy correspondence with Rebecca Wright, his wife. His letters reveal the strain the war had on some couples, while the soldiers were in the trenches in treacherous conditions, often still supporting for their families, and the wives were taking care of the family while worrying about their husbands.

“You have no idea how anxious I am about you,” Graham wrote in an undated letter to Wright. “I know how I would feel if I ever heard of another fellow trying to get you to go out with him and I wish you would keep away from Hyde Park if it is like that,” Graham wrote to Wright on November 6, 1916. “I am just as jealous as anybody as I hate anybody to even ride my mare let alone look at my sweetheart unless I am there.”

Graham saw action at several major battles, including Amiens and Cambrai.

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