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Arthur Livingston

“I had no feeling in them and was sure they had amputated both. I was thrilled when I saw them intact.”

Roy Spencer

He was dying in the mud when a soldier from his hometown recognized him and carried him more than a kilometer to the casualty clearing station.

William Hebenton

He served as a gunner with the 15th Brigade, 62nd Battery of the Canadian Field Artillery and spent most of the war in action near Arras and Lens.

Edmund Earle Ingalls

Lance Corporal Edmund Earle Ingalls enlisted in April 1916 and served with the 87th Battalion.

Rankin Wheary

...his army service is a pattern for individual black infantry recruits and illustrates the experience of the many black soldiers who volunteered...

Stanley Wallace Rosevear

Described as a “very skilful and dashing fighter pilot,” he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross...

Joseph Kaeble

Decorated with the Military Medal, he was also first French Canadian soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest British distinction.

Augustine Emmanuel Lambert

The wear and tear of trench warfare had taken its toll and Lambert went out for two weeks with trench fever.

Archibald Ernest Graham McKenzie

McKenzie was undoubtedly New Brunswick’s most distinguished soldier in World War I.

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