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Arras (August 26 – September 3, 1918)

The Canadians and their allies begin the final push against Germany — an attack that will hopefully end the war.

Brothers Angus, Oswin, and John MacDonald

Before he went overseas, John MacDonald went to the top of a hill and glanced down. His mother thought, “His final look at his hometown.” And it was.

Ernie Barrett

At Vimy Ridge, Ernie Barrett suffered many wounds from an shell explosion, which buried him in debris for eight hours.

Austin Cook

The 2 Belgians heard there was a Canadian veteran aboard, and they wanted to personally thank him for helping save their country from the Germans.

Thorarinn Finnbogason & Bjorn "Bud" Christianson

Arm in arm, Christianson carried the wounded soldier across the cacophony of mud away from the front, perhaps saving young Finnbogason's life.

Clair Addison Clendening

He golfed, hunted, and fished, and was at one time the president of the Manitoba Fish and Game Association.

Edward Vernon Callow

Callow, a shoemaker from Brampton, Ontario, enlisted on November 24, 1915, at the age of 19.

James Herbert Gibson

“We bombers practice throwing bombs, like a baseball player would keep in trim for the match."

Griffin and Charles Mulligan

Younger brother Charles suffered several bullet wounds near the end of August 1918 while fighting near Arras during the “Hundred Days Offensive.”

John Oliver

In Arras, his unit was in the houses on one side of the street and the German soldiers were on the other side.

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