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The Polish connection

The rich history of Ontario’s Niagara-on-the-Lake includes a brief spell as a training ground for a Polish army-in-exile.

Arthur Robinson

Arthur died of influenza and pneumonia December 18, 1918, at Eteppes, France, just over a month after the Armistice

Herbert Rogers & Edith Jane

All Herbert Rogers wanted to do serve his country. But the Canadian army didn’t want him.

Lomax Family

All three brothers were lost to the war.

Reginald Heath

The youngest, Winnifred is about 12 to 15 months old. She was born April 2nd, 1915 and died in May 1919 of the Spanish Influenza.

Robert Munro

Becoming a soldier meant at least he would be cared for and there was the promise of sending money home.

Alcombrack Brothers

“The bodies of the dead soldiers were stacked like firewood.”

Louis Victor Rutherford

A woman in Louis Victor Rutherford's hometown presented him with a white feather, a sign of cowardice, because he couldn’t enlist.

Alexander (Lex) Bayne Rutherford

“Oh mother of mine, I would give the world to be with you now. It’s so hard to say anything that would be of a comfort to you in a letter.”

David John Rutherford

He was serving as a gunner with the Canadian Field Artillery when he died of typhoid on January 18, 1918.

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