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James R. Watling

James Watling was one of five siblings who all served in the war.

Benjamin Chalmers Salter

Benjamin Chalmers Salter was a minister in the Maritimes before enlisting in 1914 from Nova Scotia.

Christina Mary Watling

She was awarded the “Royal Red Cross”—a military decoration for “exceptional services in military nursing”—by King George V.

Clarence Kenney

“The romance and subsequent engagement all took place by mail while he was in Europe and she back home in Ontario!”

Guy Elton Dingle

When Guy was discharged he went to Toronto where he met and married Helen Doherty on July 19th 1922.

Stephen Sullivan

As he recovered, he began dating a local woman, Mame Hawkins. Little did he know, it was the Mame's sister, Lillian, who was his true soul-mate.

James William Mainwaring

Sometimes the confusion of war led to heartbreak on the homefront.

Irene and Gertrude McGillicuddy

When the United States entered the war in 1917, the sisters enlisted in the American military.

Thomas Williston

The body was that of Thomas Williston, who died of his wounds while in a German POW camp.

William Fraser Stagg

It was a tragic end for the forty-two-year-old who witnessed all manner of adventures during his time in uniform.

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