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Edward Vernon Callow

Callow, a shoemaker from Brampton, Ontario, enlisted on November 24, 1915, at the age of 19.

James Aitchison

The grimness of his own situation led him to fear that 1916 would be the ruin of not just himself, but his entire family.

Arthur Livingston

“I had no feeling in them and was sure they had amputated both. I was thrilled when I saw them intact.”

Alan J. Hanchard

When he joined the 53rd Battalion at age seventeen, he had no idea the war would last for four years and be such a deadly conflict.

Bruce Poole

His death report indicates he was killed instantly by shrapnel in October 1918, exactly one month before the Armistice.

Thomas Victor (Tod) Bayne Rutherford

He refused to be taken out of the fight until the reinforcements were sent up. By this time, it was too late. The sergeant died that day.

Thomas “Tom” Archibald Meredith

He returned to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1919 and suffered from fallen arches and heart palpitations brought on from his service in France.

Horace Heber Haney

“It’s great sport to watch for German rifle flashes at night and fire about five rounds rapid at them.”

Richard William Mercer

“His children and grandchildren are only alive today because of this small miracle of this cigarette case.”

Frederick “Fred” Ambo

He fought at Vimy Ridge, where he was hit with shrapnel on April 12, 1917 and died of his wounds on April 30 at age 27.

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