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James Hester

Hester enlisted on June 10, 1915, lying about his age out of fear they would reject him for being too old.

Gordon Mitchell

He served in France, fought at Vimy Ridge, and was mentioned in despatches and awarded a Military Cross.

Herbert Lyth

He only talked about the war on November 11 and April 9 — Remembrance Day and the day the Battle of Vimy Ridge began.

John George Hatch

Just 18 years old, standing nearly five and a half feet and weighing one hundred and fifty pounds, Hatch was keen to carry the fight to the Germans.

John "Jack" Earl Hayden

He was the lucky one. The two men marching in front of him from his hometown of Huron County, Ontario died.

Robert Percival Webber

“I don't think any of them knew what they were getting into but he never expressed any regret that he had done that”

Ralph Douglas Clark

He never spoke of it, and when prodded by his youngest son, Peter, would only utter, “it was terrible—so many of my friends killed.”

Thomas Rayner

Thomas Rayner died at the Somme September 26, 1916.

William Alexander Allen

"This officer was only with us a short time, but he showed great promise. His death is greatly regretted.”

William Howie

Howie perhaps replayed the battle many times over in his head. So in 1936, when he was presented with the chance to go back there, he jumped to it.

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