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Ralph Douglas Clark

He never spoke of it, and when prodded by his youngest son, Peter, would only utter, “it was terrible—so many of my friends killed.”

Stanley Perrie

Stanley sustained multiple shrapnel wounds throughout his body as well as skull fracture to the base of his skull.

George Grassie Archibald

During the war, Frank Stanfield sent Archibald, later a major of the 20th Battalion, letters to update him on Canadian politics.

Guilford Irvin Smith

He served in the 236th Battalion (The New Brunswick Kilties) and later suffered heart problems from being gassed at war.

James Douglas Smith

James Douglas Smith of Smithsville, Nova Scotia enlisted in 1915 and served as a private with the 40th Battalion.

Crooks Family

“He always had a smile and laugh for there was sunshine in his heart.” Crooks died at age twenty-six at the Somme.

William Hebenton

He served as a gunner with the 15th Brigade, 62nd Battery of the Canadian Field Artillery and spent most of the war in action near Arras and Lens.

Edna May Williston Best

She was arguably Nova Scotia’s most visible war worker and, among her generation, the Nova Scotian woman most committed to broad social action.

Albert (Ginger) Goodwin

Goodwin opposed World War I for political reasons: he believed that workers should not kill each other in economic wars.

Charles James Townshend Stewart

He has the vitality of Hercules but remains normal by undermining operations, such as fifty cigarettes a day and the output of a whiskey factory.

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