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Frank, Fred, and Albert Deacon

Of the six brothers, three joined the war effort while the other three William, Thomas and George stayed home and looked after the family farms.

Francis (Frank) Cuthbert Malcolm Cumming

A father of five, Francis Cuthbert Malcolm Cumming realized he wouldn’t make money from his crop, now demolished from a storm. So, he enlisted.

Timothy and Thomas Lowry

With so many men not returning, Tina Lowry counted her blessings when her husband Timothy came home from the Great War alive.

Westminster Church Minuet Dance Group

The Westminster Church Minuet Dance Group performed in various festivals and concerts in the City of Winnipeg around the year 1916.

George Barnes Miller

Miller was honourably discharged in January 1919 to continue his veterinary studies.

Thomas Rayner

Thomas Rayner died at the Somme September 26, 1916.

Green Family

Arthur Green, 19, and his father Moses Green, 44, his brother-in-law Percy Edwin Biggs, and his cousin Harold Farrar.

Stanley Perrie

Stanley sustained multiple shrapnel wounds throughout his body as well as skull fracture to the base of his skull.

Gillespie Brothers

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert raised the 226th Battalion and brought it to England, only to see it broken up.

Viking Battalion

It was unusual for the Icelandic soldiers to be commissioned — only 3 percent of those who enlisted were named officers.

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