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William Roy Ferguson

He was only fourteen-years-old when he enlisted from Toronto and served as a despatch driver with his battalion in the 48th Highlanders.

Alphonse Leo Kelly

“Everything was as quiet as a mouse. The Huns knew we were going over but little did they expect us on that morning..."

Alfred James Cook

“He had a large scar on his nose, and one night, he woke up in the middle of the night and a large rat was chewing on it.”

Percy John Kilburn

At age thirty-five Percy enlisted and he eventually became a stretcher-bearer.

Charles Switzer

He was awarded the Military Medal in 1917 and a second bar in July 1919.

Hedley Seldon Dimock

In August 1918 he was wounded after throwing himself on a German grenade to protect the rest of his unit.

Angus Sutherland

"In the presence of shellfire I could make no progress but would fall to the ground screaming like a baby, and start shaking like a leaf."

Donald MacPherson

Father Donald MacPherson was the first priest of the Diocese of Antigonish in the Canadian Chaplain Service.

George Stewart

“The lower half of the humerus was all blown to pieces. On Sept 16, 1916 the right arm was amputated.”

John Arthur Woolverton

In July 1918 his camp was bombed and the explosion threw him twenty feet away and knocked him unconscious.

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