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Arnold Moses

“The Moses family had a large farm to run on the Six Nations reserve, and the absence of the three Moses brothers was a huge burden.”

Percy John Kilburn

At age thirty-five Percy enlisted and he eventually became a stretcher-bearer.

Angus Sutherland

"In the presence of shellfire I could make no progress but would fall to the ground screaming like a baby, and start shaking like a leaf."

George Stewart

“The lower half of the humerus was all blown to pieces. On Sept 16, 1916 the right arm was amputated.”

Guy Elton Dingle

When Guy was discharged he went to Toronto where he met and married Helen Doherty on July 19th 1922.

George Dudley

George Dudley joined up on September 29, 1915, declaring his age to be “17 years 10 months.” In truth, he was still a few months away from turning 15.

Stephen Sullivan

As he recovered, he began dating a local woman, Mame Hawkins. Little did he know, it was the Mame's sister, Lillian, who was his true soul-mate.

Gordon Brett

Gordon Brett was the forty-eighth Canadian to enlist for naval service.

Charles Herman Rogers

Herman rode out into no man’s land to find a relative under his command and a sniper’s bullet grazed his temple leaving a visible scar.

Fred Armstrong

He was shot in the leg while running across an open field and was sent to a hospital in England before he returned to Perth in 1919.

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