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Anti-War Poetry in Canadian Newspapers

An account of anti-war poetry found in Canadian newspapers at the beginning of the First World War.

Fitzsimonds Brothers

Stephen Fitzsimmons was the fourth of five children, but was the first to join the army.

John William Grant

John’s plane was once sabotaged while he was transporting a Russian high-ranking officer to another location.

George Brockie Bannerman

As a stretcher-bearer, he certainly witnessed much human suffering. But it was the animals' pain that haunted him for years after the war.

Thomas Sanderson Balmer

Thomas Sanderson Balmer was among the first cohort of Canadians to enlist in the Great War.

Gilbert Ryckman

Pte. Ryckman was shot in the thigh while fighting... but as horrible as it may have been to be wounded, he gained a wife and eight children from it.

Alan Rogers

In the afternoon, while leading a patrol, he was shot by sniper and killed.

Gordon Basil McMahon

Sadly, Gordon Basil McMahon, a private of the 50th Battalion, was killed in action in France in 1917 at age nineteen.

Kenneth Ferguson

The next morning, they returned to find a giant crater exactly where they were to resume working.

Worlend Nicholson

Nicholson signed up in Edmonton at the age of 20.

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