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Percy John Kilburn

At age thirty-five Percy enlisted and he eventually became a stretcher-bearer.

Sutherland Henderson Troyer

Sutherland Henderson Troyer's uniform and medal are on display in the museum in Magnetawan.

Charles Switzer

He was awarded the Military Medal in 1917 and a second bar in July 1919.

Samuel Watson

Before a deadly bayonet charge, Watson was given a strong dollop of rum. He passed out moments after drinking it, avoiding the charge.

William Langley

This bible has carried William’s memory, but not through his own relatives.

Angus and Ervin McDonald

They went to Kamloops to enlist in the Army but were rejected due to the beef from their cattle being required for the war effort.

James R. Moore

He enlisted on June 18, 1918, and trained at Camp St. Jean in Quebec. He arrived in France on October 10, a month before the Armistice.

Hedley Seldon Dimock

In August 1918 he was wounded after throwing himself on a German grenade to protect the rest of his unit.

Harry George James

The villagers believed he had liberated them!” Witzke added with a chuckle that “he never mentioned what punishment he received” for going AWOL.

Walter Ernest Seaborn

His 210th Battalion crossed the Atlantic on the troop ship RMS Carpathia, famous for rescuing survivors of the RMS Titanic in 1912.

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