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Harold Stephen Rolland

“He was considered something of a ‘rascal'... He loved a good joke and was merciless in his teasing of children.”

Cecil Stapleton

Stapleton was one of 124,588 men who were conscripted under the Military Service Act of 1917.

Guy Hamilton Rogers

During the last 14 years of his life, Guy was Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Somerset.

Howard Fielder Pledge

He certainly lied about his age to enlist, because a family photo dated October 26, 1915 shows him in uniform with the 36th Overseas Battery.

Kenneth Ferguson

The next morning, they returned to find a giant crater exactly where they were to resume working.

Worlend Nicholson

Nicholson signed up in Edmonton at the age of 20.

Leon C. Eckenfelder

He returned to fight for his native France in the First World War, but considered himself Canadian.

Charlie MacDonald

He was foraging for wine in a restricted area when he was hit in the wrist with shrapnel.

William "Bud" Downes

Legend had it that when the statue of the Virgin Mary fell, war would end.

Edward Brogden

Edward Brogden enlisted with the 126th Battalion from Toronto on February 14, 1916 at age thirty-two.

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