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Archie Jenks

A dentistry student at McGill University, Jenks enlisted on February 18, 1915, at the age of 25.

Fitzsimonds Brothers

Stephen Fitzsimmons was the fourth of five children, but was the first to join the army.

Alexander Parnell

A crack shot, Parnell was active in the militia prior to the war, and mobilized for service with the 3rd Regiment Victoria Rifles on August 12, 1914.

Harold Stephen Rolland

“He was considered something of a ‘rascal'... He loved a good joke and was merciless in his teasing of children.”

William "Bud" Downes

Legend had it that when the statue of the Virgin Mary fell, war would end.

Alphonse Leo Kelly

“Everything was as quiet as a mouse. The Huns knew we were going over but little did they expect us on that morning..."

William Sterling Lamb

It was the last one hundred days of war and stretcher-bearer William Sterling Lamb was laying dead under an overcoat

Elwood Silverman Greenleese

Elwood Silverman Greenleese enlisted on September 8, 1916, and served as a gunner in the 4th Canadian Field Artillery.

William Price

Sir William enlists the boy scouts of Quebec to act as messenger runners so he can quickly communicate with many groups throughout the port area.

James R. Moore

He enlisted on June 18, 1918, and trained at Camp St. Jean in Quebec. He arrived in France on October 10, a month before the Armistice.

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