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James Grenville Kydd

James was killed in action on October 1, 1918 at Tilloy-lez-Cambrai.

William Roy Ferguson

He was only fourteen-years-old when he enlisted from Toronto and served as a despatch driver with his battalion in the 48th Highlanders.

Alexander Grant MacLachlan

As the man yawned and stretched, a shot rang out. It was a sniper. MacLachlan watched helplessly as the top of the sentry's head exploded.

Alphonse Leo Kelly

“Everything was as quiet as a mouse. The Huns knew we were going over but little did they expect us on that morning..."

Albert Angus Richardson

After his death in 1951, a newspaper article about his death praised Richardson as “One of Canada's outstanding construction engineers.”

John Perry Murray

For John and others like him, the war was still seen as something of an adventure, as well as a duty to fulfill.

Alfred James Cook

“He had a large scar on his nose, and one night, he woke up in the middle of the night and a large rat was chewing on it.”

Edward Lock

He was given a fake name and managed to escape custody when he was in confinement for fourteen days.

William Sterling Lamb

It was the last one hundred days of war and stretcher-bearer William Sterling Lamb was laying dead under an overcoat

Arnold Moses

“The Moses family had a large farm to run on the Six Nations reserve, and the absence of the three Moses brothers was a huge burden.”

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