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William John Portree

“The horses came first but I think my grandfather needed the horses to help him heal from that dreadful war.”

Curtis Frederick Robarts

The first thing that struck me about him was his height - or the lack of it.

John Melody Dever

Like most men of his generation, he spoke little about the war.

James Dudley

He listed his occupation on enlistment as "Civil Servant."

Arnold Davidson

“Here, though, I don't think they have as good a way as the Canucks. It takes two Englishmen to plough where in Canada it only takes one Canadian.”

James R. Watling

James Watling was one of five siblings who all served in the war.

Benjamin Chalmers Salter

Benjamin Chalmers Salter was a minister in the Maritimes before enlisting in 1914 from Nova Scotia.

Dennis Joseph Sampson

The sound of machine guns reminded him of “the rattle of mama's sewing machine.”

Gilbert Ryckman

Pte. Ryckman was shot in the thigh while fighting... but as horrible as it may have been to be wounded, he gained a wife and eight children from it.

Perley Watts Smith

He enlisted September 19th, 1914.

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