James Dudley

He listed his occupation on enlistment as "Civil Servant."

James Henry Dudley Jr. was born on June 14, 1894 in Hintonburg (now part of West Ottawa) to James Henry Dudley and Margaret (Brown) Dudley.

He enlisted in the CEF on August 13, 1915 in Ottawa, and would serve overseas with the 8th Brigade of the Canadian Field Artillery, rising to the rank of Corporal. He listed his occupation on enlistment as "Civil Servant."

He had two sisters, Elize and my grandmother, and one younger brother, William George, who enlisted at 14, was found out after he got to France, and shipped back to Canada. He later enlisted in the Canadian Army Service Corps in the Second World War.

He returned to Ottawa after the war and married a woman named Beryl. They emigrated to the USA in 1923. Being listed on the port entry form as a "Draftsman," he arrived first, in April, and Beryl came in September. Both of their immigration forms indicated that they were not going to return to Canada.

In 1940 they were living in Grandview, Michigan. He had a job with the Michigan Employment services as a "Junior Interviewer." Their son was born in 1937. James had to register with the draft board in 1942 (even though he was 48). The name of the firm he worked for was now the US Employment Services, on Jefferson Street in Wayne, Michigan.

James died in December of 1965, aged 71. Beryl lived until January 4, 1975. They are both buried in Michigan.

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