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Ralph Sausmarez Carey

“I didn't expect then that I would ever get back alive to my family so I wanted them to have a picture to remember me by.”

Roy Everton Goodfellow

Though Goodfellow was Presbyterian, he joined the Catholic service because it was at 9 am — two hours earlier than the Presbyterian service.

Wallace Jamieson

One of Jamieson's prized Great War keepsakes was a souvenir 77mm German shell, engraved and embellished with copper and silver.

William Duncan MacKenzie

He never made it overseas so he returned to Forest, Ontario, to open his own pharmacy after graduating from the University of Toronto in 1917.

Sydney Earle Smith

A native of Port Hood Island Nova Scotia, Smith served in the No. 9 Siege Battery, fighting at Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele.

John McCrae

The poem for which McCrae is chiefly remembered, “In Flanders fields,” was written while he was waiting for the wounded to arrive at his dugout.

James Dudley

He listed his occupation on enlistment as "Civil Servant."

Arnold Davidson

“Here, though, I don't think they have as good a way as the Canucks. It takes two Englishmen to plough where in Canada it only takes one Canadian.”

George Richard Cross

On October 5th, Cross was exposed to the chlorine gas. He's lucky to have survived.

John (Jack) Mitchell

The piece of metal which Jack used as a mirror, stopped a bullet that was destined for his heart.

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