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Stanley Thomas Sellick

He arrived at the Front on August 27, 1917, joining the 8th Battalion.

Robert Percy Rogers

Because of his experience and the large number of recruits from the mines, Percy played a leading role in the formation of the 2nd Tunnelling Company.

Guy Hamilton Rogers

During the last 14 years of his life, Guy was Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Somerset.

Howard Fielder Pledge

He certainly lied about his age to enlist, because a family photo dated October 26, 1915 shows him in uniform with the 36th Overseas Battery.

George Dundas

“It appears George was bored,” says Dundas' great-great nephew, Kelly Dundas.

Kenneth Ferguson

The next morning, they returned to find a giant crater exactly where they were to resume working.

Arnold Moses

“The Moses family had a large farm to run on the Six Nations reserve, and the absence of the three Moses brothers was a huge burden.”

Beaton and Cahill Brothers

Four working class boys from Nova Scotia all signed up to fight.

Angus and Ervin McDonald

They went to Kamloops to enlist in the Army but were rejected due to the beef from their cattle being required for the war effort.

Christina Mary Watling

She was awarded the “Royal Red Cross”—a military decoration for “exceptional services in military nursing”—by King George V.

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