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Hidden Messages and Code Words

This article reveals the hidden messages in Bill Alldritt’s letters home that facilitated his escapes from POW camps.

Manna from Heaven

A YMCA Physical Director at Valcartier and Salisbury Plain.

Harold Edwards

“...I am a prisoner at Karlsruhe. I was shot down after lengthy engagement with several enemy machines..."

Ernest Edward Boyce

He was put in charge of a POW near Amherst, Nova Scotia, likely due to his advanced age—he was fifty-years-old when the war ended in 1918.

Fred Armstrong

He was shot in the leg while running across an open field and was sent to a hospital in England before he returned to Perth in 1919.

Henry (Harry) George Rogers

He was captured and sent to German POW camp at Clausthal. While there, he put his civil engineering degree to use by helping create an escape tunnel.

Joseph Francis (Frank) MacDougall

Joseph MacDougall made it as far as England before he was sent back to Canada because of an injury he endured on the farm before enlisting.

Philip Ambrose McRae

On June 2, 1916 Philip Ambrose McRae was reported missing in action.

Heber Rogers

Heber Rogers was hit fifteen times in the face by shrapnel, captured by German troops, and hauled to a POW camp.

William John "Jack" Gray

“I will not escape...nor will I attempt to commit any action during this time to the prejudice of the German Empire.”

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