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Fields of remembrance

The Great War is never far away in a region where thousands of Canadians sacrificed and are buried. Photo essay by Phil Koch.

Sexing Up Canada’s First World War

Sex work remains an understudied aspect of the First World War.

John McCrae

The poem for which McCrae is chiefly remembered, “In Flanders fields,” was written while he was waiting for the wounded to arrive at his dugout.

George Dudley

George Dudley joined up on September 29, 1915, declaring his age to be “17 years 10 months.” In truth, he was still a few months away from turning 15.

Herbert Rogers & Edith Jane

All Herbert Rogers wanted to do serve his country. But the Canadian army didn’t want him.

Walter James Ellis Mingie

In fall 1917, he suffered from trench fever.

Norman Hendrie Mitchell

Dr. Norman Mitchell of the Royal Canadian Navy poses before the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Egypt in this undated Great War-era photo.

Henry Norman Bethune

In April, during the second battle of Ypres, he was wounded in his left leg by a shrapnel shell that exploded nearby.

Charles Wilson Farran Gorrell

The taint of a hospital scandal led this doctor to suffer from functional paralysis. He went untreated and committed suicide one month later.

Frank Hamilton Mewburn

Mewburn's response to Sam Hughes telling him he was too old to enlist: “Reference your wire — go to hell! I am going anyway.”

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