Walter James Ellis Mingie

In fall 1917, he suffered from trench fever.

In 1915, Walter James Ellis Mingie of Montreal graduated from McGill University with his medical degree and enlisted to the war on July 10 of that year. He trained with the Canadian Army Medical Corps and was later a medical officer for the Royal Canadian Dragoons. In fall 1917, he suffered from trench fever and in November 1917, he was wounded in his right hand and was hospitalized for three months. In 1918, Mingie served as commanding officer for the 7th Cavalry Field Ambulance and the 3rd Field Ambulance. He was then promoted to major, mentioned in despatches, and received the Military Cross for maintaining communication with the regiments under heavy shelling and evacuating all casualties quickly during a battle, including an officer who was wounded in the front trench. When Mingie heard the officer was wounded, he immediately removed him from the front trench and dressed his wounds.

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