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Edward Smith

Edward Smith was killed in action on September 5th, 1918, only 3 days after his brother Alexander.

Cecil Stapleton

Stapleton was one of 124,588 men who were conscripted under the Military Service Act of 1917.

Stanley Thomas Sellick

He arrived at the Front on August 27, 1917, joining the 8th Battalion.

Alan Rogers

In the afternoon, while leading a patrol, he was shot by sniper and killed.

John Proctor

Jack died from wounds suffered on August 16, 1918. He is buried near where he died.

Lewis Frederick Lennie

He was killed in action on July 14, 1916, while driving an armored motorcar in Belgium while the town was being shelled. He was nineteen years old.

Charles Irish

He ducked and a bullet from a German sniper zipped past him and stripped the bark off of a tree behind him.

George Dundas

“It appears George was bored,” says Dundas' great-great nephew, Kelly Dundas.

Kenneth Ferguson

The next morning, they returned to find a giant crater exactly where they were to resume working.

Worlend Nicholson

Nicholson signed up in Edmonton at the age of 20.

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