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Benjamin Chalmers Salter

Benjamin Chalmers Salter was a minister in the Maritimes before enlisting in 1914 from Nova Scotia.

William James Proctor, Sr.

He enlisted with the 119th Battalion at Massey, Ontario, on December 27, 1915, 12 days before his 22nd birthday.

Dennis Joseph Sampson

The sound of machine guns reminded him of “the rattle of mama's sewing machine.”

Gilbert Ryckman

Pte. Ryckman was shot in the thigh while fighting... but as horrible as it may have been to be wounded, he gained a wife and eight children from it.

Perley Watts Smith

He enlisted September 19th, 1914.

Alexander Parnell

A crack shot, Parnell was active in the militia prior to the war, and mobilized for service with the 3rd Regiment Victoria Rifles on August 12, 1914.

Harold Stephen Rolland

“He was considered something of a ‘rascal'... He loved a good joke and was merciless in his teasing of children.”

Frederick Wood

Trooper Frederick Wood, of the 10th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles, was among the first wave of mounted troops to enter the Great War.

Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith, also know as 'Sandy,' was killed in action in France September 2nd, 1918.

William Alfred Tilley

Despite this traumatic upbringing, Tilley volunteered in 1916 to fight for “King and country.”

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