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Sir Robert Laird Borden

After Borden suspended Laurier's naval program, the Senate retaliated by defeating his Naval Aid Bill. Two months later, the war began.

John Diefenbaker

He was injured in a training accident and never served in a combat role during the war.

Sir Wilfird Laurier

At the age of 54, Wilfrid Laurier became prime minister of Canada, the first French Canadian to hold this office since confederation.

Arthur Meighen

Meighen oversaw one of the government's main initiatives: a program to assist financially those veterans who wished to become farmers.

Winona Margaret Flett

Winona was one of eight women to be invited to occupy seats on the floor of the Legislative Assembly.

Laura Elizabeth McCully

What separated McCully from most suffragists was her ardent belief that women should have the right to serve in an auxiliary military force.

Sir Samuel Hughes

In the beginning, Sam Hughes had a very good war.

John Morison Gibson

Gibson’s philosophy of public service had always been voluntarism, so it was with some reluctance that he accepted conscription.

William John Hanna

He introduced the Ontario Temperance Act, which closed all bars, clubs, and liquor shops for the duration of World War I.

Sir Albert Edward Kemp

Under Kemp's leadership the commission shifted expenditure away from what was good for the party to what was good for the war effort.

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