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Festubert: The Forgotten War (May 15 – May 25, 1915)

The Canadians' bravery at this ultimately futile battle is today largely forgotten.

William John "Jack" Gray

“I will not escape...nor will I attempt to commit any action during this time to the prejudice of the German Empire.”

Sir Arthur William Currie

“Currie used … organization and covering support of all kinds to the maximum in order to ensure the lowering of the cost of lives.”

Sir Edwin Alfred Hervey Alderson

Mounted rifles, he argued, were not cavalry, but rather picked infantry who were good shots, “with extra means of locomotion.”

Sir Edward Whipple Bancroft Morrison

He reported how impressed he was with the coolness of his gunners in engagements that cost the 1st Canadian Division a third of its 18,000 troops.

Okill Massey Learmonth

“He caught enemy bombs and threw them back. When he could no longer fight because of his wounds, he continued to instruct his junior officers.”