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Mount Sorrel (June 2 – June 14, 1916)

The Canadians pay a heavy toll in deaths and casualties — but show glimmers of the future fierce fighting force they'll become.

Ernie Barrett

At Vimy Ridge, Ernie Barrett suffered many wounds from an shell explosion, which buried him in debris for eight hours.

Hersey Southworth Smith

Hersey Southworth Smith died in combat at Ypres, June 10, 1916.

Stanley Perrie

Stanley sustained multiple shrapnel wounds throughout his body as well as skull fracture to the base of his skull.

Dennis Colburn Draper

“He was a man who went among his men on the days when ill winds blew.”

George Finlay Munro

When the call to arms sounded, two brothers from Edinburgh, Scotland answered the challenge.

Joseph Kaeble

Decorated with the Military Medal, he was also first French Canadian soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest British distinction.

Roderick Ogle Bell-Irving

Before the conflict would end, all of Henry Bell-Irving’s six sons were in the armed forces and two of his four daughters served as nurses.