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Ernest Elmer Hastings

Ernest Elmer Hastings of Hampstead, New Brunswick, enlisted on November 20, 1914, with the 5th Convoy.

Eugene Elmer Woodrow

He died January 11, 1916 from wounds sustained in France.

Guilford Irvin Smith

He served in the 236th Battalion (The New Brunswick Kilties) and later suffered heart problems from being gassed at war.

Annie Foster

Annie received a notice saying her husband was killed in action on October 14, 1918, only three weeks before the Armistice.

Edna May Williston Best

She was arguably Nova Scotia’s most visible war worker and, among her generation, the Nova Scotian woman most committed to broad social action.

Rankin Wheary

...his army service is a pattern for individual black infantry recruits and illustrates the experience of the many black soldiers who volunteered...

William Pugsley

Though a strong supporter of the war effort, Pugsley was a persistent critic of the government’s war policy.

Archibald Ernest Graham McKenzie

McKenzie was undoubtedly New Brunswick’s most distinguished soldier in World War I.

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