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John “Jack” Notman Wemyss

He was determined to follow his brother into the army, so when he came before the recruiting officer in Winnipeg, he didn’t mention his disability.

Guilford Irvin Smith

He served in the 236th Battalion (The New Brunswick Kilties) and later suffered heart problems from being gassed at war.

Aime Panneton

His favourite niece, Mildred Irene Clark, was devastated when he was killed in action June 3, 1916 in Belgium.

Sir Arthur William Currie

“Currie used … organization and covering support of all kinds to the maximum in order to ensure the lowering of the cost of lives.”

Alexander Marsden White

He fought at Ypres and was caught in the first poisonous gas attack on April 22, 1915.

Albert Mountain Horse

"This young man was as strong a young fellow as there was on the reserve.”

Louis James Lipsett

He earned credit for ordering men to urinate on handkerchiefs and cotton bandoliers as a basis for a primitive protection against German chlorine gas.

Sir David Watson

He wrote, "My God! What an awful night we have had. Lost about 200 men & 6 officers of no.1 Coy. They are embedded in my mind to be ever forgotten."

Roderick Ogle Bell-Irving

Before the conflict would end, all of Henry Bell-Irving’s six sons were in the armed forces and two of his four daughters served as nurses.

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