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A Letter from Ypres

Writing from the trenches of World War I, a young Canadian private shares the terror of the first effective gas attack on the Western Front.

Fields of remembrance

The Great War is never far away in a region where thousands of Canadians sacrificed and are buried. Photo essay by Phil Koch.

The Second Battle of Ypres and the Creation of a YMCA Hero

YMCA Honourary Captain Oscar Irwin was killed when he joined the battalion as it set out to retake St. Julien from the Germans on April 23, 1915.

Ypres (April 22 – May 5, 1915)

When deadly German gas attacks send others running, the Canadians hold their ground.

John McCrae

The poem for which McCrae is chiefly remembered, “In Flanders fields,” was written while he was waiting for the wounded to arrive at his dugout.

Ernie Barrett

At Vimy Ridge, Ernie Barrett suffered many wounds from an shell explosion, which buried him in debris for eight hours.

Russel McBrien

“His mother never recovered from the news of his death. She had a lot of mental health issues.”

Elderkin Brothers

William and Angus Elderkin

George Henry Harrington

“I guess he papered the walls of the shed because he thought it was a good way to be surrounded by history while he was relaxing in the shed.”

Harry James Murney

“We watched the Germans advancing like a swarm of bees and nothing but a few scattered Algerian soldiers and our Brigade bomb throwers.."

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