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John Cyril Bailey

"It got in deep water, where it would have drowned, had not Sergt. Bailey...swum to it and...succeeded in cutting it loose, thus saving it's life.”

Perley Watts Smith

He enlisted September 19th, 1914.

Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith, also know as 'Sandy,' was killed in action in France September 2nd, 1918.

Edward Smith

Edward Smith was killed in action on September 5th, 1918, only 3 days after his brother Alexander.

A.J. Clarke

Sgt. A. J. Clarke stands between the words “Canadian” and “Pacific” on the car.

Angus and Ervin McDonald

They went to Kamloops to enlist in the Army but were rejected due to the beef from their cattle being required for the war effort.

George Stewart

“The lower half of the humerus was all blown to pieces. On Sept 16, 1916 the right arm was amputated.”

Herbert Rogers & Edith Jane

All Herbert Rogers wanted to do serve his country. But the Canadian army didn’t want him.

John Arthur Woolverton

In July 1918 his camp was bombed and the explosion threw him twenty feet away and knocked him unconscious.

Gordon Brett

Gordon Brett was the forty-eighth Canadian to enlist for naval service.

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