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Henry (Harry) George Rogers

He was captured and sent to German POW camp at Clausthal. While there, he put his civil engineering degree to use by helping create an escape tunnel.

Frank, Fred, and Albert Deacon

Of the six brothers, three joined the war effort while the other three William, Thomas and George stayed home and looked after the family farms.

Thomas Edward Cross

“The big guns are making an awful noise, sending a few iron rations over to Fritz.”

Walter Hickmott

“She was 7 years old. She never saw him again, a memory she carried the rest of her life.”

Warner James Halstead

When he arrived home, his wife was dying from the Spanish Influenza. He nursed her, but she died which left him with seven children to care for.

Heber Rogers

Heber Rogers was hit fifteen times in the face by shrapnel, captured by German troops, and hauled to a POW camp.

John "Jack" Earl Hayden

He was the lucky one. The two men marching in front of him from his hometown of Huron County, Ontario died.

William James Martin

While repairing telephone wires during a bombardment at Lievin, he was instantly killed by a piece of an enemy high explosive shell.

Stanley Perrie

Stanley sustained multiple shrapnel wounds throughout his body as well as skull fracture to the base of his skull.

Macfie Brothers

Roy, Arthur, and John Macfie

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