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Charles Herman Rogers

Herman rode out into no man’s land to find a relative under his command and a sniper’s bullet grazed his temple leaving a visible scar.

Frank, Fred, and Albert Deacon

Of the six brothers, three joined the war effort while the other three William, Thomas and George stayed home and looked after the family farms.

Walter Hickmott

“She was 7 years old. She never saw him again, a memory she carried the rest of her life.”

George Henry Harrington

“I guess he papered the walls of the shed because he thought it was a good way to be surrounded by history while he was relaxing in the shed.”

Percy Bradshaw

“When they took the bullet out of his arm in the [hospital] they gave it to him and he kept it all his life. He always carried it in his wallet.”

Wilbert Robinson Ferguson

At the time, he was training to be a teacher, but Ferguson also had an expert shot and was made a shooting instructor at Shorncliffe Military Camp.

Herbert Lyth

He only talked about the war on November 11 and April 9 — Remembrance Day and the day the Battle of Vimy Ridge began.

John "Jack" Earl Hayden

He was the lucky one. The two men marching in front of him from his hometown of Huron County, Ontario died.

Rogers Brothers

Brothers Ernest “Ernie” or “Ern” Arthur Rogers and Richard “Dick” Charles Rogers were companions in life, at war and in death.

William James Martin

While repairing telephone wires during a bombardment at Lievin, he was instantly killed by a piece of an enemy high explosive shell.

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