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John Oliver

In Arras, his unit was in the houses on one side of the street and the German soldiers were on the other side.

Percy Andrew Lloyd Harden

“Him and I were standing in the trench together pointing at some Germans...one of them shot at us and caught Percy through the head.”

Richard William Mercer

“His children and grandchildren are only alive today because of this small miracle of this cigarette case.”

Sir Arthur William Currie

“Currie used … organization and covering support of all kinds to the maximum in order to ensure the lowering of the cost of lives.”

Hugh Cairns

“Hughie said he’d get fifty Germans for that” and added, “I don’t think he ever planned to come back after Abbie got killed.”

Yoichi Kamakura

Kamakura was killed in action on 26 Aug. 1917, the day after the end of the battle of Hill 70.

Henri Chassé

A soldier and a man of action, Henri Chassé preferred life in the trenches to the monotony of the barracks.

Archibald Glenlyon Campbell

...the 107th and other Canadian pioneer battalions worked amid mud, rain, and German shells to keep roads open.

Sir Edward Whipple Bancroft Morrison

He reported how impressed he was with the coolness of his gunners in engagements that cost the 1st Canadian Division a third of its 18,000 troops.

Sir David Watson

He wrote, "My God! What an awful night we have had. Lost about 200 men & 6 officers of no.1 Coy. They are embedded in my mind to be ever forgotten."

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