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The Battle of Hill 70 (August 15 – August 17, 1917)

With the victory at Vimy still fresh in their minds, the Canadians turn their guns to capturing this strategic high point.

George Brockie Bannerman

As a stretcher-bearer, he certainly witnessed much human suffering. But it was the animals' pain that haunted him for years after the war.

Roy Craig

Roy was responsible for driving wagons of ammo to the front, and injured and dead soldiers to the rear.

James W. Whillans

The person offering the drink—and likely, a few prayers—is Captain James W. Whillans, chaplain of the 8th Canadian Battalion, Winnipeg Rifles.

James Hester

Hester enlisted on June 10, 1915, lying about his age out of fear they would reject him for being too old.

George Leslie Scherer

He was awarded the Military Medal for staying in the fight after he was told to go back to the dressing station after being wounded in the hand.

Green Family

Arthur Green, 19, and his father Moses Green, 44, his brother-in-law Percy Edwin Biggs, and his cousin Harold Farrar.

Robert Frederic Hawke

He was ordered to go on duty, and told the Lieutenant that he had already “done my time,” and rolled over in his bivvy and went back to sleep.

William Norman Johnston Campbell

“He would have been her pride and joy and cannot have been too happy to say goodbye to her only child.”

Stanley Perrie

Stanley sustained multiple shrapnel wounds throughout his body as well as skull fracture to the base of his skull.

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