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James Herbert Gibson

“We bombers practice throwing bombs, like a baseball player would keep in trim for the match."

Alcombrack Brothers

“The bodies of the dead soldiers were stacked like firewood.”

William Warner

Warner taught his sister “Long Boy,” a song from the First World War, which was passed down to her children.

Arthur Livingston

“I had no feeling in them and was sure they had amputated both. I was thrilled when I saw them intact.”

William Marshall Downey

William Marshall Downey was knocked down from a bomb that exploded nearby and thrown into a pile of bodies.

Louis Victor Rutherford

A woman in Louis Victor Rutherford's hometown presented him with a white feather, a sign of cowardice, because he couldn’t enlist.

Alexander (Lex) Bayne Rutherford

“Oh mother of mine, I would give the world to be with you now. It’s so hard to say anything that would be of a comfort to you in a letter.”

Thomas Victor (Tod) Bayne Rutherford

He refused to be taken out of the fight until the reinforcements were sent up. By this time, it was too late. The sergeant died that day.

Percival Charles Trendell

Eventually, Trendell saw the capture of the Pimple when a fresh brigade joined the fight.

Hubert Arthur Bessent

Hubert Arthur Bessent was a man who fought selflessly for his country and returned a broken man who would come to lose everything.

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